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Electrify your CEO mindset by positioning The Money Council® to unlock the financial well-being you've been missing to activate and preserve generational wealth!

Who We Serve

The Money Council® is a boutique accounting firm that offers a varied experience to emerging Health & Beauty CEOs earning $75,000+ in income!

Nail Salon

Salon Owners

Spas, Hair and Nail salons turn to us for done-for-you accounting, payroll, and tax consulting to maximize their profits while simultaneously reducing their bill with the IRS! Our Monthly Routines would fit your needs best!

Young Doctor


Nurse Practitioners and Beauty contractors  turn to us for tax code advice to start adjacent businesses by leveraging their zone of genius while working a full-time job! Our Clarity Regimen would fit your needs best.

Makeup Artist with Client

Rising Salons

Hair stylists, Braiders, Estheticians, Barbers, Massage Therapists, and other Suite Owners turn to us for done-with-you accounting and tax preparation services! Our Detox regimen would exceed your expectations!

The Money Council
on your own time

Listen, when you're booked and busy, squeezing another call on your calendar feels impossible. Not to worry!


Watch this Virtual Discovery Call video on your own time to learn why The Money Council® is the financial success team you never knew you needed.


You'll learn:


  • What accounting is and why every business needs it

  • When to know you're ready for an accountant (hint: if you're reading this - it's now!)

  • Which one of our take-this-off-your-plate services best fit your budget

  • How to get started with The Money Council®

We Lead With Personalized Service:
A SECRET to our Clients' Success!

Renesha Davis, CPA

Founder + CEO

Money Council CEO

Imelda Johnson

Office Manager + Bookkeeper

Founded The Money Council® after a decade of Corporate loyalty and becoming a twin mom. As a military spouse who isn't uninformed to what unwavering support looks like, she rebranded herself to fully support beauty professionals to allow for time flexibility.


She uses the same supportive energy as she probes clients during discovery sessions to certify goal congruence. She is responsible for executing company growth strategies, partnering with other money counselors, and managing the team of accountants who deliver accurate financial reports and wealth blueprints to you. 

Committed to The Money Council® after retiring from the military. She is accustomed to wearing many hats! After spending decades in the military, her natural allegiance and work ethic spills over to take care of the needs of everyone around her.  


She manages office relations + collaboration opportunities, ensures client satisfaction, and supervises employee onboarding procedures. When she is not firing on all cylinders for the office, she is an amazing mom to twins and 2 fur babies! When you call the office, she's usually the point of contact that will direct you through your wealth activation checklist! 

Money Council imagery of a happy client

What Clients Say

“Working with The Money Council has been great. They pay attention to every detail and make sure that our books are not only correct, but they also thoroughly explain what they're doing. what I need to do, and how I can become a better CEO. The are extremely transparent and that is exactly what I need! I'm so glad I have them on my team and will continue to work with them as long as I'm in business”


Natural Beauty Products

Jumpstart Your
Spanancial Wellness™

Life moves fast when you're running a business. With so many tasks to complete and a constant push to improve, it can be easy to get so consumed with day-to-day operations that the back office takes a back seat.

But the last thing you want in your business is for your financial health to suffer. Just like it's good to set aside a day to pamper yourself so that you can better show up for your clients, it's wise to give your business finances the same energy.


The reality is, you're at a point in your business where you need to delegate in order to get to the next level. And trusting a professional to assist you with your business finances will relieve stress and free up time and space for you to excel in the areas you truly shine. 


Our financial well-being program - The Spanancial Wellness™ Regimen - gives your health, beauty, or e-commerce business a one-in-all financial solution to ensure everything's in order.

Take the guesswork out of your financial strategy and boost your financial health! We have three plans to select from!

Money Council CEO celebrating Grad School completion

Secure Your Spanancial Wellness™ in 3 EASY Steps!

Money is a big thing to let someone else handle. That's why we recommend getting to know each other first through our client application.

If it feels like we're a match, we'll swipe right and send and outline all the bells and whistles of our Accounting, CFO, and Tax Preparation options 

Business finances aren't a one size fits all equation. After we've gone on our money date, we'll customize a quote designed for your business needs to activate wealth


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