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Seed Your Business Legacy With Cents &
The Money Council


We offer Spanancial Wellness® Programs tailored for Licensed Wellness, Legal, and Real Estate Professionals!


Activate Wealth. Slash Taxes. Preserve Legacy.

The Money Council® is a boutique accounting firm that offer wholistic business spa routines to scaling MedSpas, Estheticians, Legal and Real Estate Entrepreneurs. Click the Purple Text below to explore 6-figure tax savings or profit results we've achieved for our clients! You could be next!

Spa Bed

Spa Owners

Determined the sweet spot for ad spend for max benefit and defined 20+ loyal clients to nurture and define main Wellness menu! Profit grew to a consistent $10,000 - monthly! Revenue also grew to $30,000 consistently, without ads!

Professional Woman

Service Entrepreneurs

Performed 2nd opinion review and identified errors on tax return: Income was double counted in business. We also achieved late S-Corp election status with the IRS to slash tax bill by $113,000. What can you do with those savings?

Face mask

Beauty Entrepreneurs

Maintained profit margins while slashing ad spend by half! Also identified sales taxes from e-commerce platform collected that inflated revenue causing previous tax bills to be higher than required. Corrected errors resulting in 6-figure tax savings

Money Council imagery of a happy client

Don't Just Take Our Word For It ...

The Money Council is UNMATCHED. From onboarding to pre-tax planning to tax strategies, the level of care, service and expertise far surpassed our expectations. It feels like we have a business partner that is as vested in our business as we are - which is extremely hard to find. We are truly grateful.”


The Secret to our Clients' Success?
The Experienced Legacy-Led Team!

Renesha Davis

The Legacy CPA

Money Council CEO

Imelda Johnson


  • I just started my business: When should I hire The Money Council®?
    We prepared a 2 minute short video to understand 3 ways an Accountant or CPA can be supportive for your growing small business.
  • Do I have to be a Licensed Beauty professional to work with The Money Council®?
    No, The Money Council ® serves licensed professionals in beauty, legal, and Real Estate industries. Here's what we define as our well-fit High-Value Clients. Beauty and Wellness Pros Served No-touch Spas, Permanent Make-up Artists, Paramedical Tatooists Dermatologists, Post-Op Massagers, Spa Owners Legal Pros Served Paralegals Business Attorneys Family Planning Attorneys Personal Injury Attorneys High Earning Corporate Attorneys Real Estate "Mom and Pop" Real Estate investors. We strongly suggest that you book a Spanancial Wellness® Business Evaluation to assess if we are a right fit. During that session, we will be open and honest about whether we can onboard you as a client based on your personalized situation.
  • Your office shows you’re located physically in GA: do you support professionals in other states?
    The beauty about being a virtual, full-service bookkeeping and tax services firm is that we get to deliver results across all 50 states! We find that there are many advantages in operating a remote model. The main advantage is you can find talented accounting professionals that may not be located in your local city or state.
  • I’m working with another professional; is it easy to switch to The Money Council®
    We are going to be honest here. We recommend businesses to finish the year out with the professionals that they have started with and to attempt to work through any miscommunications. After an attempt to work out any disagreements with your accounting team, we will consider working with you as a client. In order to move forward with any engagements, please ensure that you request a disengagement letter from your Accountant or CPA and share the notice with us. We will not proceed without a disengagement notice from your previous accounting team. Also, if our fees are excessively higher than your previous Certified Public Accountant, we will match assuming the following items are in order: Your previous accountant has a CPA or EA designation You can provide us with the most recent financial statement prior to starting an engagement with us The Balance Sheet match supporting documentation (e.g. tax, bank, loan, and credit card statements) Receipts for material transactions can be substantiated Your accounting was maintained in QBO
  • Do you do individual tax returns if I do not own a business?
    The simple answer is, No! We do individual returns for business owners who are onboarded through any of our Spanancial Wellness® Programs.
  • What happens after I apply to work with The Money Council®?
    Once you book your Spanancial Wellness® Business Evaluation, you will receive a confirmation. Please follow the steps over the 2-day emails sent prior to your discussion. If our missions align, you will receive a Spananciall Wellness® Proposal where we outline next steps.

Are You Tired of Working Triple Time?

Life moves fast when you're running a business. With so many tasks to complete and a constant push to improve, it can be easy to get so consumed with day-to-day operations that the back office takes a back seat, and your life begins to deteriorate!

But the last thing you want in your growing business is for your financial health to suffer, before you really get started. Just like it's good to set aside a day to pamper yourself so that you can better show up for your clients, it's wise to give your business finances and back office the same energy.


The reality is, you're at a point in your business where you need to  delegate - to one Money Council® - in order to get to the next level. And trusting a team to assist you with your business finances will relieve stress and free up time and space for you to excel in the areas you truly shine. 


Our business spa program - The Spanancial Wellness® Program - gives Service Entrepreneurs a wholistic accounting solution to ensure everything's in order.

Take the guesswork out of your financial strategy and boost your financial health! We have three plans to select from!

Natural Beauty Products

Jumpstart Your
Spanancial Wellness

Program Today!


Taking Notes

More High Value Transformations

"I am truly please with my experience! As a self-employed beauty professional, it can get a little challenging to stay on top of your tax responsibilities due to the fact that I wear many hats within my business! Shay honestly cares about her clients and I love the passion that she has when she educates her client! I have been working with her for almost a year now and I now have a better understanding of my tax responsibilities! 10/10, she is worth the investment!"


Money Council CEO celebrating Grad School completion

Customize Your Spanancial Wellness 
Program in
3 EASY Steps!


Money is a big thing to let someone else handle. That's why we recommend getting to know each other first by booking a $97 Business Eval.

If it feels like we're a match, we'll swipe right and send and outline all the bells and whistles of next steps to choose the best service for you and set up your account

Once you've signed up for your account in TaxDome, you'll receive detailed next steps inside of your portal with a easy-to-follow Welcome guide.

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