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Relieve Stress For Tax Season By Scheduling A Spanancial Wellness 
Business Evaluation


Enter the minds of some of the industry's most dedicated CPAs for Service Providers with one-time boosters, annual resets, or monthly routines!

Wellness Boosters

Our Spanancial Wellness™ Tax Booster service provides tax solutions that are designed specifically for service providers and beauty founders who don't have the time or expertise to do their own taxes accurately, even though they're rockstars with their own Bookkeeping.


With our team of experienced CPAs, you can rest assured that your taxes will be done right, every time. Let us help you take the burden off your hands so you can focus on growing your business.

We only ask that you're ready to:

  • Provide 3 years of previous tax returns​

  • Grant access to obtain your tax transcripts

  • Introduce us to your bookkeeper 


Starting at 


Business Taxes

Are you tired of struggling to understand business taxes? Let the experts at The Money Council® take care of it for you. We offer a range of tax services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. With our help, you'll be able to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

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Personal Taxes

Why juggle multiple Accountants when you can have one CPA handle both your personal and business tax needs? At The Money Council®, we offer a comprehensive service that ensures accuracy and consistency across both filings. Let us help you streamline your finances and save you time and money.

* All bookkeeping must be complete to honor base price

Spanancial Wellness Plans
Beauty Vlogger

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Accounting Suite

Your dedicated bookkeeper will categorize income and tax deductions, ensure we don't miss transactions, and generate management reports on a monthly basis provided by a CPA. With accurate and concierge bookkeeping, you can make informed decisions and stay on top of your wealth activation plan!

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CFO Suite

Combine bookkeeping with our experienced CPAs with billion-dollar business mastery. We will take charge of the financial aspects of your business, and implement financial strategies to improve profitability. We also provide insights on how to optimize your cash flow and mitigate economic risks. 

Monthly Spanancial
Wellness Routines

Tired of wearing all the hats? Let us put on your financial one. We'll completely monitor, measure and optimize your accounting from start to finish. So, you can get back to serving your clients.

We offer a variety of done-for-you accounting services on a monthly basis including:


  • Bookkeeping, Payroll, and management reporting

  • Tax Planning and preparation services

  • Sales tax management and nexus risk assessment

  • Financial budgeting and long-range forecasting

Let's hop on a call to see how we can better serve your generational wealth plans!

Spanancial Wellness Plans

Annual Spanancial Wellness Resets

Select a flat-rate* and comprehensive accounting pampering service best for your small business

*3.5% Payment processing fees are assessed on all payments at check out to cover billing convenience options

  • I just started my business: When should I hire The Money Council®?
    We prepared a 2 minute short video to understand 3 ways an Accountant or CPA can be supportive for your growing small business.
  • Do I have to be a Licensed Beauty professional to work with The Money Council®?
    No, The Money Council ® serves licensed professionals in beauty, legal, and Real Estate industries. Here's what we define as our well-fit High-Value Clients. Beauty and Wellness Pros Served No-touch Spas, Permanent Make-up Artists, Paramedical Tatooists Dermatologists, Post-Op Massagers, Spa Owners Legal Pros Served Paralegals Business Attorneys Family Planning Attorneys Personal Injury Attorneys High Earning Corporate Attorneys Real Estate "Mom and Pop" Real Estate investors. We strongly suggest that you book a Spanancial Wellness® Business Evaluation to assess if we are a right fit. During that session, we will be open and honest about whether we can onboard you as a client based on your personalized situation.
  • Your office shows you’re located physically in GA: do you support professionals in other states?
    The beauty about being a virtual, full-service bookkeeping and tax services firm is that we get to deliver results across all 50 states! We find that there are many advantages in operating a remote model. The main advantage is you can find talented accounting professionals that may not be located in your local city or state.
  • I’m working with another professional; is it easy to switch to The Money Council®
    We are going to be honest here. We recommend businesses to finish the year out with the professionals that they have started with and to attempt to work through any miscommunications. After an attempt to work out any disagreements with your accounting team, we will consider working with you as a client. In order to move forward with any engagements, please ensure that you request a disengagement letter from your Accountant or CPA and share the notice with us. We will not proceed without a disengagement notice from your previous accounting team. Also, if our fees are excessively higher than your previous Certified Public Accountant, we will match assuming the following items are in order: Your previous accountant has a CPA or EA designation You can provide us with the most recent financial statement prior to starting an engagement with us The Balance Sheet match supporting documentation (e.g. tax, bank, loan, and credit card statements) Receipts for material transactions can be substantiated Your accounting was maintained in QBO
  • Do you do individual tax returns if I do not own a business?
    The simple answer is, No! We do individual returns for business owners who are onboarded through any of our Spanancial Wellness® Programs.
  • What happens after I apply to work with The Money Council®?
    Once you book your Spanancial Wellness® Business Evaluation, you will receive a confirmation. Please follow the steps over the 2-day emails sent prior to your discussion. If our missions align, you will receive a Spananciall Wellness® Proposal where we outline next steps.
Money Council Founder

We'll pamper your finances. You go build your empire!

If a cloud of confusion has been hovering over your financials, stopping your business from scaling to new levels, we can help.


From setting realistic financial goals, financial organization and more, we manage your money with accuracy and white glove service so you can reach your next financial milestones.

If you're ready to let us add more profit to your bottom line and make your business finances fun again, apply to work with us below!

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