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Money Council Legacy Building

TO HELP EMERGING CEOs activate + preserve LEGACY

Founded in 2018 on core values committed to closing the racial wealth gap for Black and Indigenous People of Color in the United States!

Soap and Candles

Our Core Values

We crafted The Money Council® to bring together a group of experts that helps define, execute, and accelerate your business goals so that you can uphold your family values through 4 core values - We're  R.A.R.E.!


We are a family-first firm! We always look to win for your family!


Everyone has a why? Our goal is to learn and align to yours!


Accuracy and timeliness are a promise we keep!


There are gray areas, but we lead with legality.

You Don't Have To Wear All The Accounting & Tax Hats - We Do!

Now that the ink is dry on your e-commerce or beauty business paperwork, the real work has just begun.


See, you’ve been an expert at what you do for a while, but when it comes to running your business, it feels like the first day on the job all over again. Plus, now you’re wearing ALL the hats.


When you’re the Chief Everything Officer of your business, it’s hard to find the space, time and energy to focus on your finances.


But if you don’t know what your numbers are, where your money’s going or how much is coming in and out, there won’t be a business to be the CEO of!

That’s where The Money Council comes in. As your personal board of accounting professionals, we take your business finances off your plate, so you can scale and focus on the hats you want to wear in business. Explore the hats we will wear for you!

Health + Beauty

You're an integral part of the entire process as you set the tone for your beauty business. Think about it, every billion-dollar business has a CEO that manages the tone of the entire organization. As a result, The Money Council is your extended team. So, here's what we need from you to be successful:

Money Council Bookkeeping Services imagery

Bring in a healthy mindset to each meeting and be open minded about Accountant's recommendations

Be accessible to The Money Council for about 1 hour month for meetings and to obtain open records

Maintenance of your client and customer payments through invoice and point of sale systems

Accessibility to QBO phone application in order to upload receipts for proper IRS documentation

Review management reports for approval and inform office of any disconnects

Review and sign annual tax reports, uncertain tax position memos, and monthly financial statements

Inform office of any business changes (e.g., new lines of credits, new bank accounts, or partner additions)

Honesty and self-motivation through tough feedback. Attitude to strive for excellence at all times

Money Council celebrating obtaining Masters of Accounting degree

Secure Your Financial Future With The Money Council

Building a legacy to activate and preserve your family legacy is extremely scary when you think AND execute the plans all by yourself! We get it!

Billon-dollar businesses run accounting departments that cost well over $1,000,000 to develop and maintain their "language of business". From the budgets, the actual results, the analysis, and the strategic plans. So, why wouldn't you have an accounting department!

Explore our Spanancial Wellness™ Regimens to see how our boutique accounting firm can activate and preserve your legacy today!

Your business should last beyond your life!


🫶🏽 Shay

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