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Six Skill Sets To Solve Small Business Legacy Math

Black Femal CPA Solving Legacy Math
Black Female CPA Solving Legacy Math

For the past two years, we’ve had new clients take a seat at The Money Council® due to our R.A.R.E. approach to business literacy coaching and resolving Legacy Math™.


Four things that became critical for our brand, from our client's mouths, are that we particularly possess …


Relatability, Authenticity, Realistic & Reliability, and Ethical Principles.


To learn more about our core values at The Money Council®, click here.


But if you’re trying to understand other complex skill sets that your money professionals should possess, continue reading below.

Unlock the secrets to legacy math with the help of a skilled money counselor.

Discover the six hard skills they possess to solve even the most demanding financial challenges.

Trust in their expertise to guide you towards a brighter financial future. Expand each item below to learn about each skill set you Money Council® should possess.

✓ Accounting Expertise

There are many Bookkeepers that fall into many categories. The biggest question you should ask is, "Do you have technical training"? Do not assume that the bookkeeper is experienced in accounting.

Today, some bookkeepers only know how to categorize. However, when it comes to funding requests, they aren't certified to sign off on records or provide the right documentation to banks simply because they are not certified.

✓ Finance Expertise

✓ Critical Thinking

✓ Problem-Solving

✓ Leadership

✓ Open communication

Choosing the right Money Council® with more than "detail orientation" outlined in the resume is the best use of your coin




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