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Is It Time to Leave Your 9-5 for Your Side Hustle? Five Secrets to Becoming An Entrepreneur

A black woman thinking about steps to become an entrepreneur while sitting in her home office

Let me say there is no clear answer.


But by the end of this, I hope you will have found logic to reason through the steps to becoming an entrepreneur.


I left Corporate for one main reason.


I could no longer keep up with the demands of a fast-paced environment with premature twins!


I felt …


It was demanding on me personally to make personal sacrifices as a mom.




It was unfair to the team that I was out more days than in the office due to family emergencies.


There was also no way of knowing when it would get better! So, I had a gracious manager who helped me seamlessly transition into my next phase.


But let me tell you how good God is!


This was February 28, 2020 – my last day at GE.


A few days after my exit, the entire world shut down!


That year was scary for everyone, not just me. Everyone with children had to navigate parenting and work life.


I felt like there was an army in this with me and plenty of self-help articles from experts flooding the internet to navigate the mental pressures of it all.


By this time, I was two years into consulting for personal finances – with friends and family.


And I had more than enough feedback to know where I was headed next with the business.


So, beyond the mental stress, doubt was layered on top, like a vanilla cake with an entire vanilla bean icing!


Doubt about where I was headed in business …


I had questions like,


Could I make enough to outpace my salary in profit?


How long would this transition take?


Will my family have to downsize from the life we are accustomed to?


And so much more!


I had to create, think, and experiment without the support of a constant paycheck.


I want to make the process easier for you by providing a 5-point framework for transitioning into your entrepreneurial endeavors worry-free!


Whether you are exiting Corporate America by force or choice, follow this framework to achieve your 6-figure profit year FAST.

When there is a safety net in place.

Most people consider a safety net an emergency savings fund or nest egg. If these terms are unfamiliar territory to you, it’s okay!


But just like a safety net catches you when you fall out of thin air, a financial safety net does the same thing in economic terms!


An emergency fund or nest egg is another way to say financial safety net.


A financial safety net allows you to meet your bills in case you lose your job, fall on hard times, or intentionally transition from Corporate to full-time entrepreneurship.


But what is a good amount to have for you to feel safe?


The number is not a one-size-fits-all.


You must consider family size, budget, other income sources, and business revenue and profit forecasts.


The general rule of thumb, though, is to have enough to cover six months as your family grows through a transition.

When the road map to profit outpacing salary is clear

When the business foundation is set for expansion.

You’ve begun earning profit consistently.

There’s a clear exit strategy in place.

I hope you enjoyed these five secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur!


I honestly wish someone could have sat me down to have this candid and qualitative conversation without trying to charge $5,000 for it 🙄


If you’re a veteran entrepreneur, comment below which one you think is critical or share other insights that are not listed!


If you’re a new entrepreneur, ask questions about this 5-point list for insight and clarity. I’ll provide answers if it doesn’t break the bank.


If you want a private conversation to evaluate a business problem and discuss some of the above elements, it’s best to start by clicking the Book Now link below.

Use “NEW” at checkout for $150 off your 90-minute business evaluation.


If you have any questions, open the chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, and Briendly™ will help answer common questions about this session.


I can’t wait to see you on the other side of wealth!



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