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3 Key Ingredients on How to Develop a Business Plan for Success

This Answer Key aims to provide a recipe to fail fast in business to develop a business plan for success by using a PIE model.

Woman baking PIE like

What’s your favorite holiday of the year?


When I was growing up, mine was Christmas for OBVIOUS reasons: new gifts.


But now, as an adult, it’s Thanksgiving! Because our family gathers to enjoy life stories shared over traditional family recipes.


Now, I must admit!


I still can’t cook, but I’m committing to learning how to make a Pecan pie from scratch this year. And I MIGHT host Thanksgiving at my house this year.


We gone see.


Anyway. I’m trying to decide if I call my auntie and ask her to share Grandma’s recipe from scratch.


Or, search the internet for “Best pecan pie recipe in the South.”


Comment at the bottom and let me know which one I should do.


Either way, it’s going to be an experiment.


Now, why am I talking about PIE?


Building a successful business you can retire from is like finding the perfect ingredients for a pecan pie.


Step into three critical ingredients for long-term business planning to achieve business success using the PIE model.

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